July 4th and fireworks

The Fourth fell on a Thursday this year, which meant an extra long weekend..4-1/2 days of family time to be exact. Since July 4th is smack dab in the middle of Jordon’s busy time at work, we welcome any time off, so 4-1/2 days was like a little vacation at home. We spent the afternoon grabbing a few deals at the mall and doing our weekly trip to Sam’s Club a little early.
We usually dread firework season around our house, since Neika is so firework phobic, but this year we thought taking Hannah to see them would be a fun family activity. The weather outside was absolutely gorgeous. Usually this time of year it is so hot outside that it’s miserable to be anywhere but in the air conditioning, but not this year…high 70s to low 80s.
The closest firework display was in Ellettsville at Edgewood. Hannah absolutely loved them once she woke up, since she fell asleep on our drive over. She couldn’t stop saying wow during the show. It was so cute!