Neika’s Place


For quite a long time I’ve had the desire to open my own Etsy shop.  I just never knew exactly how to go about starting it and moving forward with the process.  After much self doubt and lots of research on how to make your listings just right, how to take the perfect pictures so they are appealing to buyers, and all the other details that go into this endeavor, I finally did it!!!  I thought long and hard on just the perfect name, and what better way to remember Neika than to name my shop after her?  She was a very special dog, a little quirky at times, but was a part of our family for 14 years and was my child before we had children.  Once I came up with the name, it just seemed like the perfect fit!

So I am very proud to say Neika’s Place has been open for a little over a week now.  Right now I have only hand-knitted and crocheted baby items in my shop, but I am hoping to increase my inventory to knitted and crocheted items for the whole family.  There is also a pet apparel section in the works as well that I am very excited about that will include personalized dog shirts, leashes, and possibly collars.  After all, what would Neika’s Place be without including items for our 4-legged members of the family as well?

Here a few of my first listings.

DSC_0640      DSC_0613     DSC_0595     DSC_0581     DSC_0579     DSC_0570

DSC_0598     DSC_0575     DSC_0586

I have a lot of work still to do to keep this very exciting new adventure going, but I am super excited to see where this may lead and am very proud of myself for finally opening my own shop!  Feel free to check out my shop here, and you can also find Neika’s Place on Twitter and very soon on Facebook.  Look who decided to photobomb our first photo shoot! What a goofy girl!