Preschool Graduation Already…How?!

I know I say this all too often,”Time flies…please slow down!,” but the realization that Hannah’s time in preschool is quickly coming to an end made me lose it today at pickup. It is so cliche to say…”It feels like we just were bringing her home from the hospital,” but it’s so true! I swear I think I blinked, and now in a few short months we’re going to be waiting anxiously at the bus stop for the kindergarten adventure to begin!

Her teachers this year have been beyond more than we could have asked for…absolutely phenomenal! I know Hannah is going to miss them dearly, and honestly so am I. These women have helped her grow in so many ways, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. SOCC was the perfect preschool for her!

I knew they have been working on a scrapbook for each child, but I had no idea it was so large. When Miss Mindy handed me a 2-inch binder in the car pickup line that documented all of their big events this year together, it really did mean so much to me. Tears started flowing. It was very obvious the students and teachers spent quite a bit of time working on these. It’s definitely a great memento for me.

Tonight we had their closing program at the church…oh my goodness adorable! Hannah sang the songs her class had been working on for weeks like a pro, and when it was time for her to walk off the stage…she had zero trouble saying her name in the microphone. I don’t believe that girl has a shy bone in her body! My parents and Malena was able to come down for the preschool event of the year! We had a great evening, and are reluctantly looking forward to our last week of pre-k! We’re planning very special end of the year gifts for these wonderful ladies!

Owen really was boycotting pictures this evening, but I think he mastered the art of photobombing! What a shy little guy! 😉 These two kids couldn’t be anymore different…love them both to pieces!