Nature Rocks!

This summer I have made a promise that we will make a bucket list and make a conscious effort to make fun top priority. I really want to do things with the kids that none of us have ever experienced before. I don’t want this bucket list to break the bank, but I’m ready to start making some pretty awesome family memories!

So, holding true to my promise, I took the kids to the Lower Cascades Park yesterday, which we frequent quite often actually, but I have heard there is a waterfall that is pretty amazing back a trail. I have tried to convince Hannah before that we should go and look for it, but she was always too interested in all the swings and slides and, of course, kids her own age to play with. For some reason, yesterday was different for her. I don’t know if I phrased it differently or what, but when I asked her if she wanted to go explore and find the waterfalls, she was all for it! Go me!

She left the playground area with zero trouble. The three of us walked hand-in-hand across the street and back a path that supposedly led to the waterfalls. I was expecting a very man made looking waterfall…you know a bit on the smallish side and very un-nature like. Boy, were we all in for a surprise! At first the trail was wide and open, and then abruptly it narrowed and became quite wooded. Hannah and Owen at first were mesmerized by the little stream that flowed beside the path. Then we spotted a gorgeous bright blue dragonfly. I so wish I could have gotten a good picture of it, but with 2 kids and a stream…bad idea to get too into photography! We also saw several small bird nests…or what we assumed were bird nests. They were hanging off small trees over the stream. We never saw what inhabited them, but their construction was quite interesting.

The waterfall was actually back farther than I expected, and boy were we in for a surprise! It was absolutely amazing! I’ll admit, I’m anything but an outdoorsy girl, but this was so pretty! You felt like you weren’t even in Bloomington anymore. It was like something you would see in KY or TN! I really couldn’t believe it…definitely not the man-made looking waterfall I think Hannah and I were expecting! That little daredevil had zero trouble climbing around the tree roots and the rather steep incline to get up to it and walked underneath all by herself! I just wish I could have taken more pictures. Good thing we will be going back. Hannah wants to make sure Daddy gets to go on this little adventure too! Love this girl’s spirit! Check out Owen’s smile! These kids are so sweet! 🙂 Love them!